| Management Trainer

I am happy to welcome you here!

I appreciate your taking some time to find out more about me and my work. I have been active as a management trainer for over ten years and have professionally focused on the creation and development of further training, including e-learning and blended learning formats, for several decades. Added to that I have years of experience in leadership myself that I can apply to my consulting projects.

The trainings and projects that I design and conduct are mainly based on the teachings of system oriented management theories according to Hans Ullrich, Fredmund Malik, Walter Krieg and a few other pioneers in the field. I would be happy to apply this collected knowledge to your project, too.

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Steps on my way


10 years as Management Consultant and Trainer, E-Learning specialist and Associate Partner with the leading provider of system oriented management.



5 years as Head of Marketing & Sales with procura for the e-learning provider for private German banking companies.



4 years as general manager for the internet agency active for clients in education, publishing, merchandising and industry.

| The result out of years of experience

Business Activities

Everything I do for you is based on years of experience; as a team leader, as a responsible corporate decision maker, and also as a trainer, project leader and coach in various corporations and cultural environments. What is especially important to me is that whatever is taught and learned in the scope of e-learning and blended learning seminars reaches you in your day-to-day work, is relevant to your corporate aims and can be applied and is applied in the end.

Focus points

To make that work I concentrate on three areas of competence:


This includes not only creating a teaching concept under consideration of the individual needs of the participants and the current situation and strategic aims of the business, it also includes the personal training process and a transfer concept for true application.

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E-Learning and Blended Learning provide excellent options for, on the one hand, spreading knowledge, and, on the other hand, for supporting the application of newly acquired knowledge in the daily work process. This includes the conceptualization and design of learning modules as well as the creation and technical support of the actual application of all measures.

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During and after the completion of a project, but even independent of a project, a need can arise to support the follow-through of processes and methods within the actual work environment. In this case, I can help by developing a concept tailored to your needs.

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| Making good management effective

Effective Management Training

It starts by getting to know your enterprise, your values and mid- and long-term aims. Having reached an in-depth knowledge of this basic information, we develop an effective concept together.

A step at a time

▪ In order to create a concept you supply me with information on your educational aims and the most important management processes you apply and follow.

▪ Based on this information I develop a first training structure. In case you already have well functioning concepts for your own management trainings I will have a close look at these and evaluate them.

▪ I present the results and discuss possible alternatives, options and steps for improvement with you. It's your turn then to confirm the educational concept of the training.

▪ I write a detailed story board for the follow-through. I personally conduct the training in English or German language. In the classroom different methods are applied – moderated debate, lecture, presentation, individual and group activities, role-play or storytelling. Homework is assigned for the application phase that follows the seminar or workshop. I summarize the contents of each session or class in a mind map that is distributed among all of the participants.

▪ The participants are free to contact me during the transfer, or application phase and address issues or questions that arise when they apply the contents to their workday. Depending on the original concept, this can also mean that I become active as a tutor.

Further information

If you are interested in references from my clients, participant feedback and evaluations I am happy to disclose information and provide communication data according to your wishes.

» Don't hesitate to ask.

| The system needs to perform, but it’s education that counts.

Making the most of E-Learning

During the course of over twenty years of being involved in e-Learning I've repeatedly experienced that people tend to occupy themselves with technical solutions when they think of using E-Learning as an educational tool.

Technical aspects need to be dealt with to provide a smooth operation, but in truth they play a minor role. It is much more important to find out first „what kind of training do I need, who is the target group, are E-Learning or blended learning really the right methods?"

Often one is inclined to reach for E-Learning on first impulse, because it's believed that with E-Learning you press a key – and everything works. Unfortunately, that is most often not the case. What can happen is that the budget lines for these projects is overstepped, deadlines are not met and learning aims are not reached. The experience is frustrating for the learners and this leads to a general misjudgment of E-Learning in general.

That should be avoided. I would like to help you to find out exactly which type of E-Learning solution fits for you and how you can invest your existing means and resources most effectively.

Step by step

▪ In a kick-off meeting or phone conference you first describe to me what your aims for the envisaged training are; which target group you want to reach, which technology you use and whether you already have experience with E-Learning in your enterprise.

▪ I analyze this information and provide a first outline for a solution I think fits.

▪ If you agree with my solution, and we decide on E-Learning or blended learning, then I develop the architecture for a complete training together with you. This includes a definition of the contents to be provided online, as well as a definition of the tutorial steps during the application and transfer phases, and also – if so agreed – a definition of the on-site workshops.

▪ I can support you in selecting the online contents from pre-existing standard modules, or in creating and programming new modules.

» Here I collaborate with proven partners.

▪ I offer support in designing a tutor system for the participants.

▪ Lastly, I can also function as project leader from start to finish.


Further information

If you are interested, I am happy to provide more information.

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| The best service for my clients

Increasing your performance

For some of the steps I offer I rely on tried and proven partners to collaborate with me and make the best possible solution work in the best possible way. I owe you that, and I am happy to introduce you to the people I collaborate with for best service.

Malik is the world's leading company for holistic general management, leadership and governance solutions. If you have projects that require several trainers or consultants Malik Management can provide highly qualified staff.


Dragunski Graphic Solutions is my partner for visual solutions like hand-out material or screen designs for various uses.


Mostafai is my partner for realizing the creation of learning modules.


Köln based Qualitus GmbH is my partner for the open source learning portal ILIAS, for any kind of support for teaching systems and for the use of virtual classrooms.


moderntools ist my partner for webdesign, web development and web based applications.



The easiest and fastest way you can reach me is by e-mail – just fill in the boxes here and send. I will make an effort and answer within a day.


Bernhard Graßl
Possenhofener Straße 59, 82319 Starnberg
Mobile 0049-157-53166782
Phone 0049-8151-6500052

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